The Tioga County Grave Mapping Project is an ongoing collaboration between students and faculty in the Department of Geosciences at Mansfield University. This mapping project, begun in late 2014, seeks to map and record all possible information for each cemetery’s graves to create a mappable and searchable database for use by local historians, genealogists and government.

An additional mission of the project is to provide field research experience for Mansfield University Geoscience students that can be applied to future employment or graduate study. To this end, student and faculty researchers are using a variety of cutting-edge methods to locate graves, including field methods with the use of global positioning systems (GPS), ground-penetrating radar (GPR), unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs); plus other archival and archaelogical methods. Collected data is then processed using geographic information systems (GIS) and published online as mapped databases.

Tioga County in Pennsylvania is home to 271 different cemeteries, ranging in size from a handful of graves to several thousand.  We currently have five cemeteries mapped through our mapping interface in various stages of production, three of which are complete:

Academy Hill Cemetery, Wellsboro Boro
Cleveland Cemetery, Richmond Twp
W.R. Rumsey Family Cemetery, Elk Twp

Our Grave Map App interface offers a number of ways to find specific graves. Please consult our Grave Map App help page for more information on how to use this tool.

We also have several ways to search for cemetery locations, including a listing by name, a listing of cemeteries by municipality, a searchable Cemetery Locator App, and a Cemeteries Near Me App, each of which provides driving directions to each cemetery in the county.

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